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We encourage you to contact an association on the links page if you need personal counseling and further assistance to help habituate to your tinnitus.

Keep calm and seek help. If you are struggling, don’t try and cope alone.

With counselling and advice on tinnitus management skills, you will be able to get through those difficult days when the tinnitus seems impossible to ignore.

The 4 Keys to Successful Tinnitus Management

Excellent DVD on Tinnitus Management.

Go to www.tinnitus.org.au to purchase your copy.

Preventing Tinnitus

HEARSmart has put together a great video on preventing and coping with tinnitus, specifically musicians.


Hyperacusis is defined as an abnormal intolerance, heightened sense of volume and physical discomfort towards certain sounds, which other people can tolerate comfortably. Sounds that are typically difficult to tolerate are loud/impact/sustained sounds, particularly if they are unexpected or in close proximity.

There is a strong association between tinnitus and hyperacusis. Recent prevalence data documents the presence of hyperacusis in 46% (Westcott et al 2013) and 55% (Schecklmann et al 2014) of patients sufficiently affected by their tinnitus to attend a tinnitus clinic.

Download: Dineen Westcott Moore Audiology Program Info – Hyperacusis


Dr. David Baguley PhD, Don McFerran FRCS, Prof. Deborah Hall PhD.
Published 02 July 2013

For further academic information on tinnitus, we encourage you to read the following link (published in The Lancet medical journal).