Join us for a research update

What are the emerging treatments for tinnitus and what impact has the pandemic had on people with tinnitus? A webinar with research experts for those with tinnitus and health professionals.  

Prof Grant Searchfield and Boaz Mui will help answer these questions in this 90-minute online webinar for people living with tinnitus and health professionals.  

Boaz Mui is a PhD student at Flinders University in Adelaide and has been researching the impact of the pandemic on people with tinnitus and their access to treatment. This talk will be an interesting reflection on what has occurred and what improvements are required for the future.  

Grant Searchfield is an Associate Professor in audiology at the Eisdell Moore Centre for research and balance disorders at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. As an international expert in tinnitus research, he will be speaking about the emerging tinnitus research and what hopeful treatments may be available in years to come.  

This session will also allow time for some questions from the audience. 

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