Tinnitus Awareness Week runs from 5 – 11 February 2018.

To honour Tinnitus Awareness Week, we have launched the first in a series of Fact Sheets for 2018.  The first Fact Sheet is entitled Understanding and Managing your Tinnitus and has been compiled by Senior Audiologist and tinnitus specialist, Jenny Smith.

Check in with the Tinnitus Australia alliance members to see what they are doing.

Join Better Hearing Australia and the worldwide tinnitus community in raising awareness about tinnitus!

Send out emails, tweet your followers, share with your friends, knock on your neighbours’ doors, spread the word!


Activity will be based around the campaign ‘Together for Tinnitus’ which is intended to generate discussion about tinnitus and raise awareness of the work needing to be carried out in Australia to help people with this often debilitating problem.

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