The impact on my life is quite profound when I actually think about it – Ray

Ray and Billie, a husband and wife, standing together smiling.

“It’s nice to share this with someone”.

Today we introduce you to Ray (pictured here with his gorgeous wife Billie!).  Ray has bravely stepped out of his comfort zone to share with us how tinnitus has changed his life over the past ten years.

“I reckon I’ve suffered tinnitus for at least 10 years, but only had it diagnosed by an audiologist last year. It really started to impact me greatly about 3 years ago. I’ve worked as a truck driver for the last 15 years, driving all manner of trucks, some of which had illegal exhaust modifications to make them louder. I’ve also worked in cold rooms, as a lawn maintenance gardener, ridden motorbikes and attended many live music events. 

My father suffered tinnitus and had Meniere’s disease as well. I believe the truck driving has had the biggest impact on my situation – 12 or more hours a day under those conditions certainly haven’t helped. 

My tinnitus varies between a high pitch whistling and what I can best describe as a low frequency or bass thrumming which becomes quite loud in a quiet environment. At times I can have both going simultaneously.  More so at the end of the day.

When it’s really giving me grief, I put on some music with a bit of a beat. Nothing of a classical nature although I do enjoy that genre. Mostly blues or rock and try to distract myself with an activity to take my mind off it.

Impact wise, I find myself asking people to repeat themselves constantly. Its distressing being in a silent environment. I also have hypersensitivity to certain frequencies and so unfortunately a noisy environment is also distressing. I recently got Musicians earplugs to help with that.The impact on my life is quite profound when I actually think about it.

It’s nice to share this with someone, so thank you for giving me the opportunity. I tend to be a bit private about it and I hope you can use some of it.”

Thank you Ray for sharing your story.

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