T is for Thank you – you helped us talk about tinnitus and raise important awareness

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2024 was a resounding success, and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

As you can see below, we reached many people with our message that tinnitus needs to be acknowledged and support needs to be better available. Dr Caitlin Barr, Soundfair CEO, and Dr Emma Laird, Tinnitus Australia Lead, were busy spreading the word on radio, news articles, and podcasts across Australia. It was wonderful to see that people are interested in learning more.

It has been amazing to see so much participation in Tinnitus Awareness Week activities. We have so many thank-you shout-outs! We want to thank everyone who shared their tinnitus stories, and everyone active on social media. Thank you for taking your T-realated photos, and having your T-based events! Thank you for purchasing your ‘T’-shirt or donating to Tinnitus Australia! Thank you for getting the conversation started. As a not-for-profit organisation, we greatly appreciate everyone who participated. 

Again, we say a HUGE thank you to our Tinnitus Awareness Week ‘Champions’:

https://www.mindear.com/en-au/                                                                            https://findmyhearingclinic.com.au/

Special mentions also go to our 2024 Tinnitus Awareness Week ‘Supporters’:
Hearing Aid Audiology Society of Australia, Starkey, Phonak, and The Marketing Department. 

Tinnitus Awareness Week has wrapped up for 2024, but you can help to raise awareness across the year.

We have had a few people contact us and say they forgot to order their T-shirt. The good news is that they are still available! Order your ‘T’-shirt today. The are T-errific  for promoting tinnitus awareness all year round…and they look great and are super comfy!